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The CORE Focus

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December 28, 2022
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The CORE Focus

Why is it so important to train your core?! (Spoiler alert- it has nothing to do with sculpting a six-pack!)

Your core is your entire support system. It literally holds you up! Think of it like the tree trunk of your body- It has to hold its ground so that your branches (arms and legs) can do their thing in any which way!

Reasons Why Core Work is Key!

1. Helps Eliminate Pain

A strong core helps support your spine and spinal alignment which are key to preventing strain on the low back and other joints of the body. If your core is not strong enough to support you through your daily tasks, then other muscles will have to work harder to compensate for the lack of support. This very often leads to muscle overuse/ tightness, strains and back pain. Always remember- muscle tightness is often the sign of an underlying weakness!

2. Improves Posture

A weak core can lead to slouching, pelvic tilting, and shoulder rolling. Strengthening the core will help the shoulders, spine and pelvis work in harmony to help you move through life with ease. Good posture not only lessens wear and tear on the spine by supporting correct alignment, but it also helps optimize your breath & oxygen intake into the lungs - say hello more stamina!

3. Improves Balance & Stability

In order to have safe and effective movement in the hip, knee and ankle, you must have stability in the core. Lack of stability in the trunk of the body, puts other joints at risk for serious injury and limits your ability to perform many of life's simple daily tasks- such as bending over, standing up for periods of time, or picking up large objects.

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